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Greta Rossetti’s reaction is annoyed

Greta Rossetti’s reaction is annoyed

Mirko Brunetti and Perla Fatero together at a Milan Fashion Week event. Ex-temptress Greta Rossetti: ‘I don’t want to be half in the middle of their affairs’

Mirko Brunetti and Perla Fatero The two former friends who participated together in the latest edition of Temptation Island They were memorialized yesterday during the event milan fashion week, Without current partners. Mirko He is now a permanent husband with the former seductress Greta Rossetti The engaged couple met in the village while PearlFor several weeks he was linked to the tempter Igor Zeti.

Temptation Island, the atmosphere of crisis between Mirco Brunetti and Greta Rossetti: “For me, there is no problem with having two ex-lovers in the same place but…”

Although there are many fossils and even A televised clash between men and women, Pearl He shared his IG Story where he appeared in the background Mirko. This case immediately caused a lot of uproar and Greta He didn’t seem to handle the situation well. In fact, she’s been unleashing her power on Instagram and it looks like the Milanese model is too Brunetti They argued.

“Girls, I – Greta announced – you’re all asking me why I haven’t responded to the issue of fashion shows, people making videos, filming left and right, present and not present. I don’t feel like responding. “I said I’m distancing myself from all this, so do it. I think about my life, and others should think about theirs. I’m distancing myself from this whole thing of wanting to create hype or not. I want to think about my life, I’m devoting myself to my project which is my clinic. I’m always in a hurry, apart from these weeks of Fashion Week, to devote myself entirely to this. That’s why I won’t be responding to questions about yesterday’s issue. For the rest, I will answer everything in time, I promise.”

And it didn’t end here. to’Former seductress Then he added:

“I want to clarify the last thing, for me there is no problem with having two exes in the same place, in fact I am the first, I have always told you, the problem you are referring to is the videos that you think are clearly created for the purpose of hype including me as well, When I asked you a few days ago not to get involved in their affairs anymore and I repeat that I was not present so I did not even know about that the existence of these videos as they are and they are not made by me and I did not even know, I am just clarifying to you because since you are following us you really deserve clarifications. “

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