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Cook 40' conduttore

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Alessandro Greco leads the challenge between two contenders, who will have to cook an entire menu in just 40 minutes.

Starting Saturday, April 9, from 12:00 noon, it will be broadcast on Saturday Rai 2 A new program called cook 40′. It is a game show based entirely on the world of cooking and management Alessandro GrecoFor many years, he directed several successful short auditions on Italian television (such as anger And Zero and praise).

Cook 40′, predicted bets are twelve

first recordings cook 40′ Starting Monday, April 4th. The site will be from Dear studies From Rome, where the twelve episodes currently scheduled for filming will be filmed. On each date, the show’s protagonists will be two contestants who love to cook but are not chefs by profession.

What distinguishes it cooking 40Another culinary offering is the time factor. In each episode, in fact, competitors will have to be able to cook an entire menu consisting of an appetizer, a first course, a second course, a side dish and a dessert. All these courses should be cooked in just 40 minutes.

Competitors will have to try the mixed cooking technique with their own hands

List to cook a cooking 40So, it will not be chosen by competitors. In fact, in the opening of the episode will be Alessandro Greco To propose the list to be formed over competitors. So, dishes should be prepared using the mixed cooking technique. This means that competitors will have to juggle stoves, dishes, ovens and automated cooking for food processors.

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In addition to, cook 40′ He promises to conduct a truly comprehensive exploration of the culinary world through the episodes. Therefore, we will move from preparing typical cuisine to those of gourmet cuisine, starting with preparing international and ethnic cuisines as well.

in every episode of cook 40′together with Alessandro GrecoThere will be too Angelica Sippy. The culinary expert is not a new face of Italian television, as she has previously participated in many culinary programs such as, for example, chef test. The mission called Angelica Sepe in this new production is to judge the individual stages of preparation, the different cooking methods and the taste of each menu. In the end, the expert will have to make an evaluation that determines, in each episode, the winning competitor.

cook 40′ represents, for Alessandro GrecoReturn to running after a few months of rest. In fact, the last production in which the conductor participated was the production of sweet contest, It aired between October and November 2021. cook 40′ is a program Marco Pantaleowith the direction assigned to it Flavia Enver. Finally, the program is implemented in cooperation with triangle.