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Green pass e smart work

Green pass e smart work

The prime minister stressed that the new variant “is spreading much faster” than Delta and that Omicron cases could double every two or three days. According to the new measures, from Monday 13 December, Britons will be notified Work from home, wherever possible. While the commitment masks indoors Starts Friday, December 10 and includes theaters and cinemas. The green lane Instead it will be served within a week.

Implementation of an alternative plan to the so-called fully focused betting plan Huge national vaccination campaign This comes after the CEO tried to avoid it despite scientists’ signals for more restrictions.

There is, too Denmark It is trying to stop the spread of Covid by introducing new restrictions. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced the closure of schools and urged residents to encourage working from home and limiting nightlife. More pressure appeared In the Scandinavian countriesBecause injuries are increasing. in a NorwayAnd where the situation is “serious”, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store has imposed a cap on home meetings and a commitment to wear a mask where distancing is impossible.

Variant Omicron – Two weeks after The discovery of Omicron in South Africa, the scientific community does not have enough data yet, even if at the moment caution prevails over the warning. For the World Health Organization, the new alternative appears to cause “milder than delta” symptoms and there is no evidence that it is able to circumvent existing vaccines. At the same time, its prevalence is increasing (it is in at least 57 countries of the world, of which 21 are in Europe) and “the risk of infection is increasing again”.

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The situation in Germany Omicron is keeping governments’ attention high as it risks fueling the fourth wave of the pandemic even more. In Germany, the European country most at risk, the weekly infection rate is decreasing, but daily infections are still very high, nearly 70 thousand, and there have been a record number of 527 deaths, this number has not occurred since February. Note to Schultz on his inauguration in the Chancellery. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called on Angela Merkel’s successor to “make sure that the epidemic does not keep us in its grip for another year”, and the social democratic leader promised “continuity” in the fight against the virus. Emphasizing that “only by vaccination” will come out.

The question of the mandatory nature of the vaccine For countries focusing on vaccines, the green corridor has proven to be the most effective tool for isolating No vaxes without immunizing obligation. A sensitive issue, because it concerns individual liberties, which the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, was keen to talk about. The former Chilean president said that refusing the vaccine “can lead to legal consequences, such as appropriate fines,” adding that it “should in no way be used by force.”