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Green Pass: Draghi signs Dpcm for controls and apps but disagreement over tampons

The controversy ignited over the green corridor in the ports. A publication from the Ministry of the Interior recommends companies operating in the sector “to make free rapid molecular or antigenic tests available to individuals who do not have a Green Pass”. He then specifies that economic actors “will be able to assess”. The The Labor Committee repeats this as of 15 OctoberIf the Green Corridor commitment is not withdrawn, it will hamper the activities of the Port of Trieste.”

Meanwhile, Draghi signed Dpcm with COVID-19 Green Certificate Verification Procedures In the workplace from October 15. The absence of a permit does not entail dismissal, but those who do not have a permit will have to be expelled from the workplace and each day of non-service will be considered an unjustified absence: there are no contributions and vacation days are counted. Control will be via a government-provided application.

Decree in a nutshell (go)

Check with the application and newspapers and alternately in order to engage all employees, no contributions and holidays in addition to salary for those who do not have the green certificate and are absent, and prohibit companies from keeping the QR code for employees, which will also reach those who are exempt from vaccination for health reasons. And again, prior checks no later than 48 hours in case you have to organize work shifts and the possibility for those who have received vaccinations abroad to get the certificate.

Greenpass, FAQ on dpcm signed by President Draghi (GO)

With the Green Corridor commitment in force in all workplaces on the doorstep, the Dpcm that consolidates the decree that introduced the commitment and defines the rules under which millions of Italians – public, private and independent – will live together arrives from Fri. Two measures were adopted by Palazzo Chigi and signed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi: the first, on the proposal of the Ministers of Public Administration Renato Brunetta and Health Roberto Speranza, relates to the guidelines regarding the obligation of certification in public administration; The second, on the proposal of the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco, on technological innovation Vittorio Colao and Esperanza himself, introduces a series of IT tools that will allow automated verification of the possession of certificates.

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Green Passage in action, rules from October 15

Procedures to which a third is added, a circular – or rather two – from the Ministry of Interior about the possibility of port companies providing free tampons to their employees.. In the first, the head of the ministry’s office recommended, to avoid closing the ports in the event of a large number of employees without greening, “recommend” the governors to “urge” companies to evaluate the possibility of making them available for free. tampons. Ambiguous formula, especially regarding who – in which case – should pay for the tests, which requested a second circular. Companies “would be able to evaluate, with complete independence, every possible regulatory method for the purpose of obtaining a green pass by employees without”. If they decide to do so, the cost will be borne by them, not the state. However, the circular opens up an issue and in fact the unions immediately took advantage of the matter to demand that the demand be extended to the entire transport sector.

As for the Public Administration Guidelines – which are flagged by the Privacy Guarantor – the Dpcm asserts that the permit obligation (also paper) pertains to all public officials but also those of cleaning service companies, catering, maintenance and supply of vending machines, consultants, collaborators, course supervisors, couriers and visitors . Instead, users are excluded. Those without a permit must be removed immediately and each day of no service counts as an unexplained absence (with holidays and days off included in the account). Salary is suspended from the first day of absence but “in no way” can you be fired. Furthermore, no contributions or vacations accrue during the period of absence.

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What if an employee’s absence results in an “essential service interruption”? The department, says Dpcm, can conclude an agreement with other entities or use internal mobility between different offices or regions. But how do the controls work? It must be carried out every day, upon arrival at the office or even thereafter, on the carpet or sample with a scale of at least 20% of the staff on duty and ensuring continuous rotation. To avoid delays and queues at entry, employers will be able to create greater flexibility in entry and exit times. For verifications, the application “VerificationC19” or the new tools provided by Dpcm can be used, which will allow “daily and automated” verification, detecting only card possession and no employee high data.

It will be possible to integrate the QR code reading system with turnstiles or with devices to detect the temperature already in the companies and the software will communicate – with asynchronous interaction – directly with the national platform that issues the green corridor: through ‘NoiPa’ to the public bodies that It adheres to this platform or with the INPS portal for employers with more than 50 employees, both public and private, or, finally, with personnel management information systems for those public departments with at least a thousand employees. But the Dpcm modifying the ordinance on the obligation to pass also clarifies two other non-secondary aspects: for the employer, both public and private, there is an “explicit prohibition” of the retention of QR code for certificates, and it is also not possible to “do not “collect employee data” in any way except for those absolutely necessary” to implement sanctions. Moreover, it will be possible to request the pass in advance from the employee in the case of company shifts, but this advance must be “absolutely necessary and in no case exceed 48 hours”.

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