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Green Light from the Clean Development Mechanism on Exorbitant Billing Decree: Reducing VAT on gas and 2.5 billion to abolish system fees


The Cabinet approved the decree on Cut electricity and gas bills. According to preliminary information, the value-added tax on gas supplies is reduced to 5 percent. The measure, which is part of a series of interventions to dampen expected energy increases from October, is valid for the last quarter of 2021, from October to December. The value added tax that families pay on gas bills is now 10 percent. So in the text, there is also 2 billion to eliminate general system fees in the electricity sector and 480 million to reduce general fees on the gas bill. The system fee on the electricity bill will be offset with $700 million with proceeds from the CO2 auctions and $1.3 billion transferred to the Energy and Environmental Services Fund. In addition, $450 million was received to enhance the social reward on bills for families with economic hardship and seriously ill people. Thus, the new measures of the decree on bills intervene in the interests of more than 3 million people who benefit from the “energy bonus”, that is, families with less than 8,265 euros per year, large families (see: 20 thousand euros per year with at least 4 children) from income earners Income pension or citizenship and users in serious health conditions. “For them – it is emphasized – the effects of a future increase in the bill tend to be eliminated.” During the meeting, the government also presented a framework for monitoring the interventions of the National Scientific Research Program scheduled for the last quarter of 2021. jumpOn the other hand, both refinanceQuarantine allowance (For anyone who is at home and cannot work in it smart work) and interference with tax bills.

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Cover photo: ANSA / Filippo Ateli

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