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Goya is waiting... Flamingo

Goya is waiting… Flamingo

The Argentine returns to Italy to continue the preparations that began in Miami and wants the Nerazzurri, who, however, must first sell

Dybala vs Inter It looks like it’s done, it’s done, but after ten days of unemployment, Goya’s future is still in the balance. The Argentine striker will return to Italy from the United States in the next few hours to continue the preparations he started in Miami and be ready for his next team who still wants to be Inter. Meanwhile, the Nerazzurri have returned to Milan lukaku And he has to sell two strikers before closing in on Dybala, who is starting to get tired of waiting and looking around.

Great help for the process can come from Brazil, specifically from flamingothat after After I ate Vidal (And having cut Inter’s next budget by 10 million total) could soon be back in the office Alexis Sanchez After Nino refused to offer the past few days and provided the decisive assistance to Inter to open up the Dybala training.

In addition to the Chilean, however, the club president Changwho would be happy to wear Dybala as a Nerazzurri player, should also sell one between them Dzeko and Korea (behind Pinamonte) to make room for Goya and time could expand a lot, which is why the ex-Juventus started looking around. It will be his will to stay in the first division, where he was Milanwho is looking for an attacking midfielder to make a qualitative leap, but he could not offer him more than 4 million per season, Romewho does not play in the Champions League but would welcome him as King ( Naples Looks like he pulled himself out later Directed by Giuntoli).

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But also pay attention to the tracks that lead outside, because Dybala will never wait for Inter in the World Cup and Championship year.Atletico Madrid In the past few days he has conducted some opinion polls in addition to Manchester Unitedwho in the event of CR7 farewell is considering betting on the ex-Juventus.

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