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Boxing, Chisora's last: Comes with a Boris Johnson mask

Boxing, Chisora’s last: Comes with a Boris Johnson mask

Derek Chisora ​​was born in Zimbabwe but was a long-time British citizen. He has lost the last 3 matches (albeit at people level), in December he will be 39, he has an exhausting career. Sunset Boxing’s road to boxing began for him, but English Boxing – full of heroes and personalities at the moment – still considers him great. That’s because Chisora ​​is a character, attracts people and tonight will still be able to fill the O2 Arena in London for a match against another warrior as old as Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev. Stunning in the ring, often even outside. The last trick was to ride the UK’s political turmoil to present itself, Amidst the general fun when balancing with a Boris Johnson mask.

Kishora theatrical, sometimes questionable. He usually likes to present himself on the peso in the bandit version, with a handkerchief that covers almost his entire face. In some circumstances he even took him off, as if thinking well, before a valid match for the World Heavyweight Championship, to spit in the face of the then-champion Vitali Klitschko (himself, current mayor of Kyiv) A mixture of water and saliva.

It may also happen that in the hustle and bustle, the handkerchief loses it: to see some proverbial confusion of the past against Dillian White, to understand the one Tyson Fury sent to the carpet in the Hundred Thousand Match at Wembley. This time Johnson’s “only” mask, it was, in short, a lot quieter. at the moment…

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