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MotoGP, important news has been revealed about the future of Valentino Rossi

MotoGP, important news has been revealed about the future of Valentino Rossi

Theconspiracy from Valentino Rossi in a MotoGP. This is the great and fundamental news that was revealed to the media by the historical friend and right-hand man of the pilot from Tavolia Alessio Salucci, known to all as “Ushio”.

.’s future team manager VR46 In fact, he announced to La Gazzetta dello Sport that, in fact, the “doctor” after his retirement will briefly go on to ride first-class motorcycles to test prototypes that will go on track in 2022.

He wants to ride MotoGP twice a yearWe have already been told to organize the program. ducati NS Yamaha? It’s still too early to tell that four bikes are his, but he’ll have to ask about the others,” he revealed to Rossiya Ushio who, however, insisted on re-emphasizing that the next stage in Rossi’s motoring career would be four-wheelers.

“The future by car, on the other hand, so far it has been divided between two classes, The stamina in the world (Wec) and fanatic, European GT. The choice will depend on which car he will be racing with.”

In this sense, Rossi is still waiting to understand which car can give him the greatest guarantees in the two competitions, which, with his presence, will inevitably gain more following and attractiveness.

However, the name Valentino, even the changing sector, will remain closely associated with it MotoGP, a tournament where the 1979 chapter has written unforgettable pages, and whose main legacy will be represented by the presence of Team VR46 in 2022, a Ducati team that expects to make its first class debut next year.

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So, no matter what sporadic rides he makes in the 2022 models, one way or another, he’ll always stay within the first two-wheeled category, a category that will officially abandon the next. November 14 a Valencia But not before he is excited for the last time his fans who, surely, will hurry many to welcome him both in Spain and especially this weekend in Misano Adriatico.