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Govt, aiming to return to normalcy: Here is the road map for filing the Green Pass

Govt, aiming to return to normalcy: Here is the road map for filing the Green Pass

The resurgence of epidemics should not slow down the roadmap for reopening. May control room again next week. A new mandate is expected with various relaxations, some of which, as the Green Boss’ obligation to sit at the outdoor desks of bars and restaurants will end, will immediately begin the end of the state of emergency on March 31st. The goal is to run a summer that allows the virus to circulate without restrictions. The course of the epidemiological curve will, in fact, lead to a change in the structure and duration described below.

On March 31, the state of emergency ended

March 10 has already marked another milestone on the path to normalcy with a 45-minute re-visit of those admitted to the hospital. Hospital (But you need Super Green Pass) and the chance of intake Food and Beverage, In theaters and concert halls. Then on March 31 the state of emergency will end, saying goodbye to the color system and the possibility of a commission structure (which will be a “mission unit” in the Ministry of Health or directly linked to Palazzo Ciki). Must work intelligently through simplified methods: a personal agreement between the company and the individual employee will be required.

The Green Pass will be available in the open air from April 1st

Super Green Pass from April 1 (vaccination or recovery. Also: no green certification required; green pass must be in effect on indoor premises. Outside, be more careful indoors – even for sports and concerts.

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From April 1, the basic green pass on public transport

April 1 should also be the farewell date for the Super Green Pass on public transportation. So the vaccine (or recovery from Govt disease) is not mandatory to travel on trains, planes, buses or subways. Basic green certificate, i.e. negative swap will suffice. To further promote tourism, the basic green pass should be adequate for the occupants Hotel (For the post of Super Green Boss).

More skills from the first of next month Levels They should return to 100% and stadiums 60 to 75%.