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In the 1960s Ford did something unimaginable today

This is also one of the strangest and least known projects of the last millennium, but conceiving is very interesting: get ready to learn about Ford who is not afraid of land, water or any tire punctures.

The history of motor driving is made up of failures: there are thousands of failures for ten good ideas used for production models. Test cars It ends in oblivion. Unfortunately this is it, if you do not fall to the ground, you will not learn to walk, which is well known by many famous car manufacturers.

Fly, believe it or not … (car styling)

The American brand Ford, for example, has many failed prototypes and has never been manufactured in its century of history. We recently saw the Ford Maya, but there is something in it Even more ridiculous In the past of the brand, a car that certainly deserves to come out of oblivion unjustly condemned by the harsh law of history.

The name Levacar may not tell you much. But it has to be – at least we know – it is Only car Always productive in prototype condition. This car was born in the vast environment of anti-Soviet space racing in the sixties – as we have seen in the past – prompting designers to do increasingly insane things.

Get up and slide!

The concept behind Levacar starts again An old Ford patent Intriguing from the thirties. In the spring of 1959 the test was resumed at the famous Ford Rotunda and yielded surprisingly good results.

Ford has been chasing the dream of flying car for decades (car styling)

According to several witnesses, The Ford Levacar Because a person was crowded inside the single-seat cabin, he was able to walk a few seconds ten centimeters off the floor. This car was so ambitious that the designers designed it to withstand a top speed of 800 kilometers per hour! Practically two veins together.

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Unfortunately – you can see that we do not travel in supersonic flying cars. Abandoned Until a few years later it was forgotten and the car did not fit the supersonic engine designed by Ford. Understandable: This is an innovative but expensive project that will require an unacceptable amount of funding. So, the screen falls on Ford Hovercraft.

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