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Governo: aiutino da 270 milioni di euro allo sport italiano, in Francia un miliardo solo per il calcio

Government: Aid of 270 million euros for Italian sport and in France a billion only for football | first page

Sports calls, the government is responding. Allocate 270 million euros in the upcoming refreshment decree. Most (200 million) will be used by companies running factories to deal with Increased electricity and gas bills. Healthcare costs $50 million, in addition to those already planned and which are in the process of disbursement: 86 million, of which 56 million are for football and 5 million for Serie A, but the funding will only be given to clubs whose sales do not exceed 100 million per year, so all the top teams in the Italian league will remain out of the championship. The remaining 20 million will be allocated to her Sponsorship tax credit, limited to the first three months of 2022.

In France, government intervention is much greater: 8 billion euros of refreshments for sports, of which 1 billion euros is for football. In total clubs League 1 They received 48 million in unpaid grants, 200 million in canceled taxes, and 687 million in loans at a 1% interest rate. Last September, the French Sports Ministry’s budget increased by 22% to €987 million.

Kony’s president, Giovanni Malaggi, has announced that he will send a letter to the Undersecretary for Sports, Valentina Vezzali. To request immediate interventions: “Sports activities in our country have seen some light and today they find themselves facing the abyss and the fear of not doing so. Everyone needs help, the older you get, the more problems you face, start with the football teams. There are many issues On the table, first of all there is the problem of exorbitant power and big bills. I never talk about politics, I just think from our point of view that everything different from the current ticket Mattarella Draghi makes us lose something.”

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“I was at risk of stroke and stroke due to a serious heart problem. On December 24th, I went for a small eye surgery at the day hospital, and they found out I had a serious heart complication. I had atrial arrhythmia, fibrillation. Since I’ve gone slow, I’ve never felt like that. I realized the risks involved when, after the surgery, instead of quitting, they decided to have an electrocardiogram. They prescribed me some medicine, on vacation I can do everything, but with caution. The diagnosis was confirmed. I had this problem, now I no longer have it but the problem is understanding the cause. 75 percent was due to overexertion, 24 percent had coronary heart disease, 1 percent could have been myocarditis but was excluded from the tests. The vaccine you were right to do.”