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Here's how much he eats and how

Here’s how much he eats and how

the Queen Elizabeth She has reached old age in full fitness and many are wondering about her His eating habits. One Former Royal Chef Uncover what and when he eats. The king, who could count on the work of world-famous chefs and enjoy the most delicious banquets, eats four meals a day and eats very small portions.

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As mentioned in the past beforeFormer Chef of the Queen Darren McGradyHer Majesty eats little and is healthy. The 58-year-old worked for 15 years at Buckingham Palace as Queen Elizabeth II’s personal chef, accompanying her on two royal tours of Australia. He has also cooked for five US presidents – Ford, Reagan, Bush Snr, Clinton and Bush Jr. – during their state visits.

McGrady has also worked with other members of the royal family, including Princess Diana and his children William e Harry At Kensington Palace in London. He was cooking for Diana the night she died, August 31, 1997. McGrady had made dinner and was waiting for her to come back.

In her book, McGrady reveals the Queen’s culinary preferences, favorites and dislikes at the dinner table. As a good English woman, of course, she could not give up afternoon tea. He also drinks the drink at breakfast with crackers, followed by a bowl of cereal. Then eat grilled fish with spinach or zucchini and is always low in carbohydrates.

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