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Does Barcelona need Lewandowski?

It’s good in Munich, but closer to the warmer climes it’s even better. The Spanish climate definitely likes Robert’s wife and himself. The wife, since she actively helped the Polish striker to keep in shape after thirty years, being a graduate, is now spurring rumors about the striker moving to Spain. Anna Lewandowski is studying Spanish and enjoys the opportunity to bask in the spring sun in Mallorca. You can try live betting in Senegal on 22Bet website.

Rumors of Lewandowski’s move to another league have been circulating for years. In some cases, it was only about the desire to attract the attention of stingy Germans. For example, it is unlikely that Robert was ready to go to PSG in the past.

But now Chelsea will not pull off such a transfer. Plus, earlier Bayern could refuse customers. Now Robert’s contract is coming to an end – there is only a year left, so it is much easier to start negotiations. The topic of searching for a new striker for Bayern has been raised more than once. And in the south-west of Europe, Barcelona has long been looking for a striker.

Aubameyang did not play in Milan, his character interfered and discipline was lame. There was a series of scandals in the Gabon national team. As usual, one version is official, and the second is always connected with the reason why Arteta deprived Pierre-Emerick of the captain’s armband and let him go from Arsenal – spree and drinking. It is clear that physically Aubameyang is well prepared, as is another alcohol lover in big football – Arturo Vidal. But it’s not about how a striker can play the best game.

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The problem is that if you are head over heels at parties, you can run into Eintracht. The Barcelona centre-forward played in the Bundesliga and knows German football very well. And what did he show at the Camp Nou? At the same time, Pierre-Emerick, much older than Torres and Dembele, had to direct the attack, lead forward at a difficult moment. It is clear that Lewandowski did not cope with Villarreal this week and the central decisive matches also do not always play cool.

But Robert is an example of a professional to the core. Therefore, he gave more stable seasons in his career than Aubameyang. And since the Pole is only a year older than the Gabonese, you can safely not believe Alemany, Barcelona are looking for a striker and are negotiating, including with Lewandowski.