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Goodbye heating, with 50 cents you can say goodbye to the bill: We’re finally safe –

As we have repeatedly said, during the coming fall and winter we will find ourselves facing really expensive energy bills (electricity and gas), primarily due to the ongoing conflict today in Ukraine in fact and speculators.

The situation now, especially in Italy, is really critical: up to 9 million Italian families are at risk of ending up in poverty, given the really exorbitant high energy bills they have to contend with.

According to some consumer associations, in fact, The increase in gas could reach up to 80% over the next few months. Therefore, today we present to you another useful trick to reduce energy consumption, thus saving future energy bills that have to be paid in the coming months.

Heating temperature is undoubtedly one of the important factors in managing energy consumption: according to some estimates released recently, in fact, Each temperature corresponds to a saving of up to 6.2% on total heating costs. Therefore, if the temperature drops by two degrees, we will have the possibility of saving 12.5% ​​of the consumption, which is not bad at all in the long run. Simply go to the thermostat settings, and lower the heating settings a bit, for a great deal of savings.

Another very useful tip is that of Use of modern equipment: Compared with the traditional one, it actually does not scatter the hot air, which is supplied by heating, thus maintaining a higher temperature in the house.

The Electric Blanket: Another Conservation Trick

In addition, we suggest using electric blanket. Heating the house at night is actually completely useless, since in this case it will be possible to heat only the bed area, which will lead to a really significant saving on electricity bills. Even inside a multi-person house (hypothetically, 4 or 5 people) about 40 cents or a little more would be enough to keep warm all night. This will save you a lot in the long run.

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Meanwhile, Italian families are anxiously awaiting the 150-euro bonus proposed by the government in terms of paying bills for those on low incomes and those who can’t afford it.

ceramic store electric blanket

So we just have to wait for more updates from the government on future rewards in terms of bill payments, which we’re sure won’t last for the next few weeks or months.