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The new redemption scam: they say they are INPs

A scam that takes advantage of the very difficult economic moment that many elderly people are experiencing.

To sound the alarm for this new scam is INPS, the National Social Security Corporation. Let’s read the details of this deception.


New scam: they say they will refund you, but they cheat you

Bad guys pretend to be the National Institute of Social Security e On his behalf, they send emails with indications that if you follow through, they can get the unfortunate person to hand over his personal data and even the “keys” to his checking account.. A practice that INPS itself has tried to squash by issuing a note in recent days with all the advice on it Avoid ending up in the network of cybercriminals.

In the case in question, INPS explains, fraudsters take on the role of the National Social Security Institution by entering the acronym in the return address. The text of the message is as follows: “The automatic INPS has indicated that you meet all requirements and conditions for a refund of €615 on taxes and/or contributions for 2021”.

The following is a call to recover possession of the promised amount Provide your bank details, which is an action to be avoided as it may allow hackers to empty your bank account. However, the attempt to deceive is not so complicated: among the indications given by INPS there is in fact attention to the fact that The recipient’s name was not mentioned.

Beware of the new scam: they are pretending to be INPS, beware

INPS hacker attention . Document

The scam is not new but has been around for at least two years. So much so that INPS itself writes in the memo that it has “received many reports from users on this front”. A very common variant, explains the Social Security Institution, consists of a request to update personal data or bank details, Via a clickable link, to receive credit for payments and refunds from the Institute.

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In some cases, the link also opens a fake services page INPS. Another similar attempt, on the other hand, had the goal of unsuccessful repayment, while other attempts are still It can relate to a payment reminder of unpaid amounts.

In the note remember that INPS, for security reasons, never send emails with download attachments or clickable links.. So the suggestion is to be wary of the sender, and never click. In addition to the specific case, you should also pay attention to the text content: If the recipient is not mentioned in the message, which often happens in similar situations, then it is very likely a scam.