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"Go to Algeria and Tunisia."  The French are outraged by the NGOs

“Go to Algeria and Tunisia.” The French are outraged by the NGOs

The NGO complex is increasingly complex. The three ships that have operated in the Mediterranean in recent days, with more than 500 migrants on board, are stationed near Italian territorial waters and are calling for the ports to be opened. In particular, the Louise Michaelwhich entered the southern maritime border near Lampedusa. The idea of ​​hundreds of migrants entering Europe on NGO private ships creates unrest not only in Italy but also in France, where voices are beginning to be raised against the continued disembarkation by these ships, which operate without their movement. codified.

Clear evidence of the growing discontent with the arrogant and arrogant behavior of the migrant NGO ships can be found in the comments of the post in which the Louise Michel’s ship requests a safe port. “After five rescues in two days, 33 people were on board the Louise Michel and 261 on humanity 1 are waiting for a secure port. The rescue operation is only complete when all survivors are able to leave the ship in a safe place. We need a safe haven nowwrites the NGO. A claim that makes many turn up their noses, considering that the ships stayed off the Libyan coast for three days, keeping the migrants with them all that time.

It is the French who show the greatest annoyance with Louise Michel’s operations at sea: “Get ready, girls, the anarchist Louise Michel has arrived in Europe with a new shipment of Muslim African immigrantsAnd again: “Enter Tunisia And Algeria: their ports are the closestThus, dozens of comments called on the ship to head above all to the Tunisian ports, which are considered safe. UNHCR facilities For the United Nations, it is one of the safe havens in the Mediterranean. But in these hours, the Louise Michel arrives in Lampedusa with 33 migrants, Humanity 1 continues to loop around eastern Sicily, and Geo Barents is equidistant between Malta and Lampedusa. The proof is that Tunisian ports are usually the closest to those in which NGOs operate and who prefer instead to bring their migrants to Italy, and thus to Europe, bypassing the logic of a safe port.

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