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Oriana Marzoli vs Antonella Fiordelisi: uno scontro senza precedenti

Oriana Marzoli vs. Antonella Fiordellisi: Unprecedented Clash – VIP Big Brother

The tension in the house now escalates every now and then Oriana Marzoli And the Antonella Fiordellisi An unprecedented quarrel broke out.

After many barbs from the former duel and after complaining about it to her roommates, Oriana confronts Antonella and accuses her of doing everything to provoke her. Although Antonella denies the barbs she blames, she accuses Oriana of constantly talking behind her back and seeking to fight at all costs. “Why are you talking about me? Change the subject. Either you’re talking about me, or you’re talking about Antonino, or about aesthetics. Talk about other things if you can.” says the former swordsman, but Oriana responds immediately, emphasizing Antonella’s always provocative attitude: “If you search, you will find it, and when you find, you cannot cry.” The Venezuelan influencer responds immediately.

“When Sarah spoke so well of me, it made your face look a little disgusted.” Antonella continues, emphasizing that Oriana could have taken advantage of the moment to tell her what she thought in her presence instead of doing it behind her back. For a person to say what he sees in you does not mean that he wants to fight. Oriana replies, emphasizing that the only person who is constantly seeking confrontation is Antonella.

An argument heats up instantly and the two VIPs yell at each other all the resentment they feel towards each other. Antonella accuses Oriana of being superficial and that she only knows how to talk about aesthetics: “There is more to life, do you know it or not?” Oriana, on the other hand, accuses Antonella of having approached her at first only because she had no allies at home: “The fake one is you who thought all these things about me and instead made a friend because you were on your own and no one could stand you.”

Anthony He arrives to try to calm the air and quell the anger of both, but his arrival gives Antonella an excuse to drop digs that Orellana isn’t at all receptive to: “Come here Antonino, be a slave” says the former swordsman, imitating Oriana’s behavior who – given the feelings she has for him – is always very fixated on him. “Who is the villain, huh? The only bad thing is that you laugh at this thing when you know I was so bad.” Oriana winds up angrier than ever.

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A heated debate ends with no real explanation and a new rivalry takes hold in the Chamber of Deputies: Orellana v. Antonella.