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Giorgia Palmas releases Filippo Magnini: her heart beats for another English athlete

Giorgia Palmas releases Filippo Magnini: her heart beats for another English athlete

Famous TV presenter Giorgia Palmas/Source

The former model has sensationally left the famous swimmer as he has completely lost his head for another big name in the sport across the Channel.

Over the past 20 years, there have been many models who, after starting out by participating in beauty contests or becoming showgirls, have made it into the world of Italian television and beyond. It's definitely one of these Georgia Palmas. The beauty of the Cagliari showgirl is sunny, which is also why after achieving fame, His privacy is greatly reduced, and his love life often makes headlines From gossip magazines.

In the early years of her rise to fame, the actress was in a relationship with the former footballer David BombardiniWith whom he had a daughter. He later began a relationship with Vittorio Promottithe well-known face of Mediaset. However, she has been engaged since 2018 to swimming champion Filippo Magnini, whom she will marry in 2021 and with whom she has another daughter..

It seemed that married life with the well-known swimmer was going smoothly, but what happened in the past few hours left everyone breathless. In fact, it seems that the 41-year-old Sardinian intends to divorce her partner because she has fallen madly in love with another English athlete.Which apparently made her completely lose her mind. This is who he is.

Georgia Palmas' new love

The TV presenter's passion is for athletes (See his most important relationships) It never goes away, and the same goes for cars too. In fact, it seems that Palmas is completely at someone's mercy Bentley, in more detail than one Continental GTC.

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It's a real sporty and fast rocketFrom which the actress can no longer stay away. What leaves you breathless is the value of this English beast: Well 23 mil euro.

Bentley Continental GTC/ Source Ansafoto-

Will Palmas and Magnini break up because of the car?

But the strange thing is that The beautiful car is owned by her husband, Filippo Magnini. Many wondered whether the swimming champion would allow his partner to drive a car Many also sarcastically responded that he definitely made her get behind the wheel to avoid divorce.

However, at least the swimmer can rest assured. His wife does not have a lover, and besides him she only loves her car.