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Gf Vip, Gianmaria and Soleil's disqualification?  / "We'll be disabled!": It's controversial

Gf Vip, Gianmaria and Soleil’s disqualification? / “We’ll be disabled!”: It’s controversial

The Big Brother VIPOn Monday, October 18th, Gianmaria Antinolfi and Sulley Sorge She was at the center of the controversy. The Campanians said he was attracted to him Sophie Codejoni. At the end of the episode, late at night, Italian American and Antinolfi They had a long explanation and were escaping between the two sentences picked up by some viewers, who re-launched them on the network asking Disqualification for both tenants.

Some Gf Vip onlookers hinted that the trio had made up this whole story. At one point, in the middle of the conversation, Sully Sorge said: “But we’ll be idiots!‘, meaning that she and Naples would have been fools to have organized the arguments at the table. Gianmaria’s reaction was certainly over the top: We will be handicapped. But just care… Because down!He rises instead of distancing himself from the words uttered by Antinolfi, she was laughing.


This is how one was born Controversy and request for disqualification for some viewers Gianmaria Antinolfi and Sulley Sorge The Big Brother VIP. It remains to be seen if Gf Vip will take action but there may not be any disqualification from eligibility given that compared to previous years the program is less severe. However, it is not excluded that something will happen on Friday evening, during the next episode.

Sulli and Gianmaria They have too They talked about their relationshipor. “Sophie suffers from our truth – Sorge claimed – and Greta because until the other day you wanted to marry Greta. Don’t be faint, make sure everything is real. Sophie has already blew everything up. You still feel a physical attraction to me, it can’t fade away. Overnight. You are attractive in fact, you can also tell about me. Or is it a farce with me? But if everything that happened is real, you can not say that I am indifferent to you. It was not a physical attraction but a mental one, when he was no longer There are those who fall physically, the attraction is no more, even if I am madly in love with you ”, the entrepreneur replied to Sully, who then asked for help from the ex: “Do you love me? Tell her these things to Sophie, I ask you to do something for me, And she talks to Sophie and tells her these things.”

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