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Gas stations are closed at night: what could happen

Gas stations are closed at night: what could happen

sting Invoices Electricity can have negative consequences for businesses, as well as homes, and affect the normal functioning of some utility services. This is the case in petrol pumps Which may have to close at night to contain energy costs. This means depriving motorists of self-service in certain periods of time, during which it will not be possible to purchase gasoline and diesel for their car, although the fuel distribution systems are not very active.

Keeping pumps closed at night will allow gas stations to save on electric lighting. Turning off the lights for several hours can significantly reduce the cost of your bill. Moreover, the geopolitical situation between Russia and Ukraine risks causing priceselectricity and gas. Returning to the possible closure of petrol and diesel distribution stations, the Italian Federation of Road Gas Station Managers in Confcommercio (Figisc), as reported Here is the financinggives this option almost certainly.

The decision seems inevitable as the difficulties faced by petrol pump operators are becoming more pressing. The same Figisc announced that with the same Kw consumption, there was a one and a half times increase in the electricity bill compared to the same weeks last year. To give a specific idea of ​​what kind of increase we are talking about, we can give an example of a gas station worker: everyone who paid bills worth a thousand euros in 2020, today has to spend 2,500 euros. The only way not to give up is to stay away fromReduce costs And closing at night appears to be a good compromise to reduce the economic burden of electricity consumption.

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