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Flipping fines: zero in 15 days.  And the treasury has no No Vax listings

Flipping fines: zero in 15 days. And the treasury has no No Vax listings

Virologist Roberto Burioni had set a €100 fine for unvaccinated over-50s, a “farce”. The term seems appropriate given the delays that accompany the collection. So far, in fact, there are no lists of citizens who could be punished, at least one and a half million. In adder, the tax collection agency, they did not receive a single recipient’s name. Without a list of non-vaccinators, operators would not be able to send warning letters or payment orders.

The mocked fine is treading very slowly, reducing its deterrent power. At that rate, beneficiaries will see the fine handed over perhaps at the end of the pandemic. And perhaps when they are already vaccinated, even if they are late. The fine would be a profound violation and injustice, and pleas from the justices of the peace would flourish across the entire peninsula for its abolition. So the fine started badly (politically) and is going really badly. But let’s relive its history. The decree issued on January 7, 2022 stipulated that the one-time fine is for “persons who, as of February 1, 2022” have not started the initial vaccination course. Not only that, but it will also be intended for those who did not take the second dose and those who did not perform the booster dose within the conditions of validity of the green certificates. Therefore, after there are no vaxes, everyone who refuses to take the second or third dose at different times will be punished.

But who has to find the names? The personal data and residential address of the citizen to be punished must be prepared by the Ministry of Health, which in turn will bear the names of Sogei, the partner IT company of Mef which, through health cards, is able to identify citizens who do not have vaccines and refer to this data with tax codes .

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Ader, the group, will actually only play the postman. It will first start with a citizen’s report who will have ten days to challenge their position with the local ASL or because they have been vaccinated and no data entered, or because they have an exemption. Then, the ASL has ten days to send exemption certificates to the Ministry of Health, and thus to Sogei, and if there are no grounds to prevent vaccination, the penalty will be issued within 180 days by the Adder. In short, we’ll see the fines arrive after the summer. The situation is different for workers who will present themselves at the workplace from today without the enhanced green corridor that is subject to changes, which will be in effect until next June 15. And they are considered absent without justification or remuneration for them. The penalty for those caught working without a green permit ranges from 600 to 1,500 euros. Not only that, in the event of a repeat violation, the numbers are doubled.

It is hoped that when crammed, many of those over 50 will become a professional vaccinator. Perhaps waiting for Novavax, which raises less mistrust than mRna vaccines like Pfizer or Moderna, because it uses recombinant protein technology, which has long been used to immunize against diseases such as whooping cough, hepatitis, meningitis and herpes zoster. Nicola Magrini, General Manager of Aifa, announced on television that he had arrived in Italy on February 24. But in the meantime, the Nei virus is losing at least a month’s salary before it can take the traditional vaccine and get the long-awaited green card. Who knows how much they will be able to withstand.

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