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After retiring with share 41 next year, the dream becomes a mirage

After retiring with share 41 next year, the dream becomes a mirage

to retire with 41 . shareStarting next year, a dream turns into a mirage. And this is because at the meeting of the government and trade unions today, on the basis of this proposal, there was no opening. Specifically by the executive branch led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

In fact, retirement with a quota of 41 starting next year is one of the proposals put forward by trade unions. This is from CGIL, CISL, and UIL At the discussion table with the Italian government. To be precise, there are three thematic tables. This one is on outgoing flexibility. One on the relaunch of supplementary pensions. And those for youth and women’s pensions.

Retired with share 41 starting next year. A dream turns into a mirage

In particular, instead of retiring with quota 41 from next year, the government proposed at today’s meeting its recipe. Any flexibility issued with the recalculation of the check with the shareholder. Suggestion does not like.

And this, therefore, was very much Returned to sender by the unions CGIL, CISL and UIL. As mentioned in this article. So, to retire with the 41 quota next year, everything is gone? maybe yes. Also, because it is known that such a measure would be very costly to the state coffers.

Between a dream and a mirage, this is how retirement from work is done without respecting age requirements

That retirement with share 41 is the default measure of withdrawal from work Without any age restrictions to be respected. Because today there is a quota of 41, but it is only for premature workers.

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Those who have complied with other envisaged and required requirements, have received at least one year of contributions before completing 19 years.