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Frost by Conte on Draghi, Government at the Crossroads – Politics


More tension in government. Conte accuses Grillo of asking him to remove himself from the M5s (‘a serious intrusion’), asks for a political explanation, and in the evening he goes to Cole for an hour-long interview with Matterella. Tragi denies pressure on the movement, but should leave the NATO summit in Madrid early. A CDM called for action against higher bills

Pulls the air of crisis between the M5S and the government
Tension broke alert levels after the sociologist’s interview Dominico de MassI, a statement of confidence derived from Pepe Grillo In Rome he spent three days: Mario Tracy He would have asked the guarantor to “remove” Giuseppe Conte From the M5s, it was not enough. “It simply came to our notice then Palazzo Siki At dinner time when the case had already erupted, the decision was made according to the circumstances Dragons From Leave the NATO summit in Madrid in advance Return to Rome in the evening and attend tomorrow – the official edition – in the Cabinet, among other things, to deal with the issue of bills. But the prime minister’s concerns may be related to tensions with the majority. And not just those with pentostellate, The Ice School and the League that came in the way of cannabis. In this context, Giuseppe Conte climbed the mountain in Mattarella to represent the “gravity” of the situation after an hour-long meeting with the Prime Minister.

The day burned when the former prime minister credited the professor’s words at lunchtime. De Masi has been following the path of the movement closely for some time and is a friend of the guarantor. Conde appeared in front of the cameras to assure him that Grillo had “told him about these phone calls” from Tracy. Meanwhile, an adjective was used in a tense phone call with the Prime Minister, who is busy at the NATO summit. “We have started to clarify ourselves – Tragi – we will tell you tomorrow that we will see you soon. The government is not taking risks.” No appointment has yet been made between the two, and a sober atmosphere is expected in the cabinet. In theory, the three-day meetings organized by Krilllo seem to have all the ingredients to achieve a moment of breakdown, in order to get external support for the executive requested by Kirillo representatives and senators. A possible scenario, however, was that the movement’s demands on priority issues ranging from super bonuses to the minimum wage would not be heard unless the last meeting was canceled and repeated several times by Grillo, who left the capital in the evening. With the government’s Pentastellata delegation.

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Grillo comes to the Senate: ‘Did Tracy tell you to oust Conte? Wonderful Reconstructions’

“He’s tired”, “He’s not feeling well”, were the rumors that came with the Genoese comedian’s last hours in Rome, where he sowed secret jokes in front of the cameras (he said “but what about Draghi and Conte. When the afternoon storm blows”) and two words. Elusive answers like the one in the range.For him it was “a totem”, an “identity theme”, he clarified during an online hypothesis in the afternoon that the vote of the members had disappeared, with the disgrace a. Giancarlo Consulate So he decided to withdraw from the nominations for the primary competition for the regions in Sicily.


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