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From the ceiling to criticism of the former Ilva, the majority is divided: Draghi's fury

From the ceiling to criticism of the former Ilva, the majority is divided: Draghi’s fury

Chaos ends in examining amendments to the legislative decree Millbrough In the budget and constitutional affairs committees of the council that later became battlefield For the majority, unleashing the prime minister’s anger Mario Draghi.

Dl Milleproroghe, Draghi’s fury

Either you guarantee me the votes or the government can’t continue.”he would say the leading At the meeting in Palazzo Chigi. a formatted It tastes like an alarm. A disturbing signal, especially on the eve of the upcoming Cabinet meeting, which should be launched decree to confront Dear Bills And maybe also get the balance transfer back for the premium bonus.

The majority was divided several times and the government less than four times. The cash cap Reply, in an instant, to 2000 Euro with Lega vote and FI with the opposition represented by the Brothers of Italy. another shake On Elva: The original rule changed the destination of a portion of Riva’s funds that can now be used for redemption. Regarding the ratings for education, the government gave a positive opinion on the reformulation that was nevertheless The committee rejected it. Also executive under the rule that extended animal testing for only six months. Also harsh confrontation on the issue of justice between PD and university.

Quirinale worry

a “incident” which is also read in its pedigree in the Quirinale. And so Mario Draghi wasted no time, and as soon as he arrived from the European Council in Brussels, he went to Cole – who had been summoned by the president, parliamentary sources confirmed – to report on the Ukraine crisis but also to assess the Ukraine crisis. Chief of state This is what government sources described as concerned about what happened in Parliament during the night.

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We need clarification

The result is a reference to the majority parties that the Prime Minister explicitly requested at the meeting “immediate clarification” Because it is not a question of ordinary parliamentary dynamics but a purely political problem.

Draghi did not fail to remember why he was brought to Chigi by the President of the Republic, stressing that he accepted “To do things.”

From Colle, do not indiscretion on “tete a tete” between Mattarella and Draghi. silence confirms that tenderness From the international situation and The fragility of the internal dynamics.