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Dal nervosismo alle lacrime: Soleil si scontra con Alex

From nervousness to tears: Sulli clashes with Alex – VIP older brother

“You should open the waste disposal center to all the ideas you recycle”: With these words that Soleil Welcomes Alex Back from the radio.

The fact that he and David They didn’t acknowledge the right merits while discussing the art and creativity moments they created at home, it annoyed her so much and that’s why the influencer unleashes with him right away. The actor immediately tries to calm Sulli: “I love you” He tells her, calling her not to be nervous, and to talk to her calmly and calmly.

“Between you and David, I don’t know who got more credit for my thoughts either, not the slightest gratitude. I never heard my name before” Soleil goes on to explain to the actor the reasons for his displeasure: “There is no minimum appreciation for my person and my art”. Alex tries to open Soleil’s eyes, reminding her of everything he’s always done for her from day one at home: “I have always held you in the palm of my hand, you are a woman I adore, and there is absolutely no doubt that you are”.

In an attempt to calm her nervousness, Alex approaches Sully in search of physical contact and grabs her tightly. In the actor’s arms, Sulli allowed himself to shed tears, explaining the deep causes that made him so unwell: “Nothing beautiful and positive has been recognized about me”. “I’ve always carried you high as if you were the most important thing to me here.” Alex replies, reminding Soleil of her great value to him: “I’m here for you too.”

In the arms of the actor, after a brief cry of freedom and thanks to his reassurances, Sulli was able to find the smile and begin to laugh with him again with the complicity that has always characterized their relationship.

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