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Katia Ricciarelli vs. Mirjana Trevisan 'Bad hair, I want to burn it' / Web accuses 'Hyena'

Katia Ricciarelli vs. Mirjana Trevisan ‘Bad hair, I want to burn it’ / Web accuses ‘Hyena’

Now at home big brother vip break between Katia Ricciarelli and Manila Nazzaro. Once inseparable, today the two are thrown at each other and kept at a distance. If he’s next to Katya, he’s staying Soleil riseManila is close Mirjana Trevisan And this is precisely one of the aspects that Katya did not understand in the whole situation.

On the other hand, with Mirjana in particular, Ricciarelli faced the most difficult clashes, and despite attempts to reconnect, the coldness remains. On the other hand, Katya proved it by letting herself go for a new confirmation that has already unleashed the anger of some of the onlookers from the Big Brother Vip. In her room with Sully, Ricciarelli sarcastically commented on Trevisan’s hair, Going so far as to say he’s going to burn them.

Katia Ricciarelli criticizes Mirjana Trevisan’s hair, Soleil supports …

talking about Mirjana TrevisanAnd Katia Ricciarellilaughing, shouted: “With that hair that makes me want to burn it, how ugly it is!” Besides her, Sully Sorge commented that it was also time for Mirjana to take off her accessories. The scene sparked the ire of many who began to harshly criticize the two women on the Internet. However, especially for Katya, excuses for being a “hyena” or, again, “ridiculous”. Moreover, this is not the first time that Katya ends up in the crosshairs of accusations of this kind. Previously refined data of this kind required Signorini to enter the house to give a new tone to the competitors involved.

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