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The Queen's telegram only takes 16 hours to arrive in the United States -

The Queen’s telegram only takes 16 hours to arrive in the United States –

August 16, 1858 A telegram Joined for the first time Europe and the United States The new era of telecommunications has begun. Telegraph 98 words, written by British Queen Victoria and sent to US President James Buchanan.

That is a good news. Finally The United States was annexed by Europe. The connection with the submarine, obtained a few days ago, we talked about it in this almanac, celebrating the vision and determination of its creator, Cyrus Field (renamed Elon Musk of Atlantic Cables).

We will say a message until that moment to give a breakthrough idea, On the ship, it took about ten days To come. The Telegram from the Queen (Original copy here) It took over 16 hours to come and encrypt. At his Summer White House in Bedford, the US President received a telegram from the Queen congratulating her on “the success of this great international organization” which expressed her deep interest. When Employees of the President He found it not funny, The President telegraphed in reply, sending 143 words, which took just ten hours to get to London. Ten days to ten hours.

There was real excitement a few days after that first telegram: that technology seemed like the eighth wonder of the world, but Due to a technical glitch, the cable broke. Cyrus Field made two world heroes laugh in a moment, but he did not give up, and after eight years of effort, a reliable connection between Europe and the United States was established in 1866.