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Amazon Tips August 2022

Amazon Tips August 2022

If you are subscribed to Prime video And you want to make the catalog available to you even richer by subscribing to one of the channels Main video channelsso that you can have a summer full of entertainment, you are in the right place: in this article you will find a file Tips of the month issued by Prime video Together with the next grandmother.

From movies to shows running through kid-friendly content, the recommended titles and the different channels available for the service are incredibly numerous and diverse: so everyone can find what’s best for them!

Recommended titles for August on Amazon Prime Video Channels

These are the titles I recommend Prime video for a month Augustall accompanied by the description provided by Amazon (if any), the release date and the relevant channel it is or will be available in.

I hate summer

Available at Infinity selectionthe movie with Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti And the Giacomo PorettiAnd the I hate summer.

Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo on vacation with their families: the clash is inevitable!


on me midnight factory From August 25 Instead, we find horror in the dark atmosphere of Lee Haven Jones: Eid.

A young woman serves a group of guests at dinner in a secluded home in the Wesland countryside. The assembled guests are not aware that this will be their last meal.

the life is Nice

on me Siniator We find the life is Nice From Federico Fellini With Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg.

Rome experienced an economic boom through the eyes of a scandalous journalist who experiences different emotional experiences among the neighborhoods and villas of Roman high society.

Bread from Italy – sweets in the oven

available from August 26 on me Discover + Entertain there tenth edition From Bread from Italy – sweets in the oven With Benedetta Parodi, Ernst Knam, Damiano Carrara and Tommaso Foglia.

Here is the 10th edition of The Sweetest TV Show, hosted by Benedita Parodi. As always, aspiring pastry chefs will be judged by Ernst Knam and Damiano Carrara, along with new member of the jury, Tommaso Foglia. Also this year, Italy’s best amateur pastry chef will be crowned at Villa Borromeo d’Adda, in Arcore.

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Easy – Easy Journey

From August 22 on me CG . group We find Easy – Easy Journey by Andrea Magnani.

A funny, strange and poetic road movie. Former go-kart driver Isidoro, aka Easy, is 35 years old and a lot of extra kilos. His monotonous life is turned upside down when his brother asks him for a favor: to transport a very special shipment through the Carpathian Mountains to Ukraine…


From August 1 on me rare video We find beginners With Patsy Kensit, Eddie O’Connell and David Bowie.

From the genius of Julian Temple with the unforgettable David Bowie.


on me Moby From August 21And the Humans From Stephen Karam.

Based on the Tony Award-winning play for Best Play, THE HUMANS tells the story of the Blake family who gather on Thanksgiving night. As darkness falls outside the dilapidated building, paranormal phenomena emerge and family tensions reach a boiling point.

Doomsday device

From August 1exclusive full work In the original language with Italian translation, we find Doomsday device by Christian Sisma.

Born in March

available from August 1 on me Minerva ClassicAnd the Born in MarchA sweet love story directed by Antonio Petrangelli.

holidays in america

on me Sinecomico It exists vacation in americaa cinepanettone film with Jerry Cala and Christian de Sica, directed by Carlo Vanzina.

A private school, run by chaplains, organizes a 15-day trip to the United States for alumni and alumni.

Genoa: Renaissance Bridge

Available at play history From August 1And the Genoa: Renaissance Bridge.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, the Genoa Bridge, the Italian Renaissance bridge, has been completed, a symbol of Italy and the city emerging from a nearly two-year crisis – from the collapse of the Morandi Bridge to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the story of the best Italian architecture, architecture at the service of the nation, and hundreds of workers and engineers working in almost impossible conditions.

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You can do amigo

Available at CineBMMovie movie with Bud SpencerAnd the You can do amigo.

Coburn Thompson, a tramp with a heart of gold, finds himself protecting young Chip Anderson from a gang of thugs who want to lay their hands on the oil-rich land he inherited from the boy.

Seven notes in black

From July on me cinedark We find the film Lucio Fulci, Seven notes in black.

A clairvoyant woman discovers a skeleton in a wall in her husband’s house and tries to find out the truth about what happened to the victim.

Quadraro monster

From August 1 on me crime + investigation game We find Quadraro monster.

Summer 1991, Rome, Quadraro District. 11-year-old Valentina Paladini and her grandmother Luigina Giumento, 56, disappeared into thin air. Three years later, on November 3, 1994, there is no longer any trace of Luca Amoresi, 14, a mulatto boy named Pele del Cuadraro because he is considered a football phenomenon. Investigate Elvino Gargiulo and his son Mario, neighborhood scrap dealers.

Food Obsession with Adam Richman

Always available from August 1on me Please playAnd the Food Obsession with Adam Richman.

Known as the TV presenter of Man Vs Food and Man vs Food Nation, Adam Richman brings his gastronomic expertise and visits some of the snack factories and trendiest places where historic dishes and all those American brands that marked the great ’80s were born.

New season of the Italian league

From August 28 on me Eleven Instead we find the The new season of the Italian League.

The wait is over, summer break is now a pleasant memory, and Serie A is back on the pitch. Sixty teams are ready to fight until the last minute of recovery.

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Ni Hao Kai Lan S2

For the little ones, come head From August 16 We find the second season of Ni Hao Kai Lan.

Ni Hao in Chinese means “hello”. This is how Kai-lan and his friends greet you every day. You will discover a world of games and adventures. Ni Hao Kai Lan helps children develop interactions with others and accompanies them to learn about the traditions of Chinese culture.

Numberblocks S2

Available at Hobster From August 1the second season of Numberblocks.

This educational animation teaches children how to count by sum of basic math, using addition and subtraction using single blocks.

Kurt Ealing at the Zadymka Jazz Festival

on me Half From August 1 We find Kurt Ealing at the Zadymka Jazz Festival.

Kurt Elling joins the Polish National Radio Orchestra at the Zadymka Jazz Festival in Katowice, Poland. A festive evening of jazz and vocal improvisation by one of the greatest singers of our time.

Incognito Mode – Jazz Vocals 2018

on me stingray jazz find instead Incognito Mode – Jazz Vocals 2018.

A acid jazz project rooted in the jazz/funk/soul world of the 1970s, Incognito was originally created by Jean Paul “Bluey” Maunick and Paul “Tubbs” Williams. Both were original members of the disco/funk group Light of the World in the late 1970s.

Ramstein – Living in Paris

Finally, in Qello concerts for Stingray We find Ramstein – Living in Paris.

Rammstein: Paris is the fourth live album by German band Rammstein. The concerts were filmed on March 6 and 7, 2012 in Paris, France for the film. Scenes have been edited with those filmed during the tour’s rehearsal.

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