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Il tempo previsto per le prossime ore

Fresh wind blows, followed by strong thunderstorms over the next few hours; எங்கே See where is

Meteo Live Report: Fresh winds, storms coming, even stronger over the next few hours; Let’s see where

Anticyclone Cypion is in big trouble and the weather is already getting worse in some areas

Expected time for the next few hoursUpdate 8:50 AM – Thunderstorms in Lombardy have eased, clearing work is underway, with some residual rain, except in areas around Varese and Mantua. On the contrary, it is even more so Gray and thunderstorms Weather in many parts of Veneto, where the most important events have been reported in the regions Vicenza to Veronese, Treviso.

General Status: African Anti-Storm Cypio Has begun to give the first clear signs of crisis. Under pressure Cold air In fact, of Atlantic descent it is not possible to distribute its stabilizing power in some parts of the North, these hours (06:30) our Live weather report Indicates the passing of many already Temporary With strong and severe storms and some hail, as happens in many parts of Lombardy and Veneto for example.
Areas up to Milan, Lodi, Cremona, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza and Treviso were affected by heavy rain, intense power activity and local hail.

As we expand our horizons for a moment outside our country, we notice that there are two hurricane figures in the Midwest of the European continent. One is in the west and the other is in the east of the United Kingdom and is responsible for the arrival of colder and more unstable winds, which will become increasingly crucial to the national weather picture.
As often happens in most months Hot In fact, the difference between cold and humid air masses, with existing warmer ones, produces multiple growths. Storm systems Sometimes even very violent. For many parts of northern Italy this is precisely the inspiration of today.

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Current Temporary Progress in the above areas, the hassle will continue Weather forecast As they move their center of gravity from west to east for most of the day, the more active weather in the evening will shift away from the northwest and focus especially on the eastern areas.

But these drafts of fresh air cannot, at least for now, extend their influence to other parts of the country. The next hour Atmospheric stability and temperature are the order of the day, which are characterized by a definite contrasting weather-climate environment.
The northern parts of Marches are the only exception, and we do not exclude the arrival of some brief rain in the evening.
In the next few days the fresh air will make every effort to occupy the rest of Italy with greater determination, and that attempt will be largely successful. In addition to the high instability for many regions of the country, we will record a significant stop from the great heat.

We invite you to follow the next announcements during the day, considering the forecast of the current very powerful weather and thunderstorms.07:00: Dark clouds threaten Milan.  Webcam edited by Skyline07:00: Dark clouds threaten Milan. Webcam edited by Skyline