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"Why should the slanderer make up his mind?": Renzi attacked by Travaclio

“Why should the slanderer make up his mind?”: Renzi attacked by Travaclio

Penalty for defamation against Maria Elizabeth Casselli For Marco Travaclio Provoked many political reactions, including the intensity of Matteo Renzi. Through a post on social media, the former prime minister, the director, pointed out how he continues to be a guest on TV shows despite being convicted, where he did not fail to provoke controversy. “Another sentence for the slander of Marco Travaglio. A few more tens of thousands of euros remain to be paid, this time to Senate President Casselli“Matteo Renzi wrote.

Italy Viva’s number one later added: “But who seems to be right Freely slanders A regular guest on talk TV? Why should a slanderer give us the basis of his beliefs every night?“The president of the Senate announced that he had won, and he stated this with a note:”I won the defamation suit against journalists by Fatto Quotidiano, Marco Travaglio, Ilaria Proietti and Carlo Tecce“Therefore, the President states:”Part of Article 17.11.2019 The Court pronounces, definitively, the defendants’ liability for libel, for libel, for reasons which are motivated. Articles signed by Marco Travaclio on 10.12.2019, signed on 11.12.2019 and 12.12.2019 on 20.6.2020, signed by Ilaria Broetti on 10.12.2019.“.

Dominico de Sanzo states in his article Newspaper, Articles were slandered against Maria Elizabeth Casselli, already showing a rhetorical tone from the title to the President of the Senate. This is “Mamma Casellatti’s chatter to her daughter Ludovica“To”Curses & Cassidony. This is the cassette show in the Senate“. Elizabeth Casselli reported herself, the court ordered.”Published in the citation of the sentence at the expense of the defendants in ‘Courier della Cera’, ‘Il Matino’, ‘Il Gessettino’ and ‘Il Fato Quoditino. It condemns the defendants collectively and in various ways Repay Plaintiff’s litigation costs, 940.90, costs 7.254.00, and VAT, if any, to repay CPA and 15.00% of public costs.“.

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