Tuesday, July 23, 2024

“Ineffective vaccines”, “This is not true”: a fight between Gully and Purioni


Massimo Gully, Head of infectious diseases at Sacco Hospital in Milan, can not be optimistic. Now he has gone so far as to say that the vaccines we have and use are now useless because they are out of date. Except for terrorism, we are beyond here.

Gully: “Herd immunity is difficult with these vaccines”

He explained to Kruper that he was the host of the Otto e Meso show that aired on La7 “What we have now is a better vaccine for a virus that was in China a year ago. The terrain is currently very different, and this is hard to imagine with the current vaccineHerd immunity. The works, published in the NEJM on May 5, claim that the Pfizer vaccine is 97% effective in avoiding graveyard, resuscitation and hospitalization for any variation.. But here comes the blow, in fact Gully is ready to confirm it immediately “If we consider the epidemic of the South African variant, the percentage of efficacy is very low. Question: Do we get herd immunity with this vaccine, can we keep the virus from circulating? The answer is probably not.” Give up all hope or vaccinators.

According to the epidemiologist, variations should be noted, and it is necessary to quickly update the type of vaccine currently in use. Despite the fact that the convict, Gully, has been opposed to the reopening from the outset and believes the Drake government is causing a lot of danger. With him, again, according to the professor, all the Italians. What is the risk? Over there The fourth wave Apparently, at this point, according to his increasingly optimistic predictions, it will affect everyone, amidst a thousand doubts and worries, even those who have finally been vaccinated. In short, we still have some serum and more useless ones because they are already considered old compared to the species of the variant.

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Buryoni’s answer

The first responder to Galli Roberto Burioni Of the University of Vita-Salute in San Rafael, but we are confident that other virologists will come soon to discuss this matter. Professor tweeted: “Pfizer is 100% effective (most feared) in preventing severe English or South African variant disease. High performance in infection protection (90% English variant, 75% South African variant). Warning Yes, not absolutely.” He then raised the front with another tweet: And don’t say, “Confused scientists, everyone says what they want,” because I quoted NEJM’s work in support of my claims. Do not place those who say 2 + 2 5 on the same level, then point to 4. We are now waiting for the response of the person concerned and he does not want to postpone the allegations of his colleague. Gully firmly believes what he is saying.

Summer risk

It is true that vaccines made by Pfizer, Moderna and Astrogeneneka were studied for the original Govt strain, and many varieties are now in circulation. As repeatedly explained by science, vaccines may be less effective, but serum recipients are less likely to end up in intensive care or die. However, it can become contagious and spread the virus. Everything ‘The environment of Bergamo, Gully also spoke Summer risk Between June and July, epidemics resurface in the summer months, and now we are all thinking of lying in the sun. As he explained, “The reopening has taken place in an environment surrounding many infections, not even a drop to rest firmly. The increase in vaccines, of course, is not at the level of British medicine. Who to trust then? To Cassandra, a virologist, to Professor Burioni, who showed that he knew how to do it with someone renaming himself, or with mathematics:“Do not put those who say 2 + 2 is equal to 5 and those who say it is equal to 4 instead at the same level” ?


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