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Formula 1. Speed ​​racing unconvincing: We think about some new features for 2024 – Formula 1

Formula 1. Speed ​​racing unconvincing: We think about some new features for 2024 – Formula 1

The format of the race weekend with Sprint does not convince the fans. And so, Formula 1 began evaluating innovations to reboot the show on the track: from a self-driving championship, and a million-dollar prize, to an inverted grid.

October 27, 2023

thecoordination Sprint It was introduced to increase the scenery on the track. One could say that the mission basically failed. The first five of the six races scheduled for the current season have disappointed fans’ expectations. To find a solution to this problem, which also affects the economic system, Formula 1 has begun assessing any changes to be made to the format before 2024. From the most extreme ideas to other inspiring secondary formulas.

FSince the first Sprint Race of 2023 in Baku, it was already understood that these mini-races would only bore fans and put teams and drivers in difficulty., forced to do a solid ride to be able to prepare for the entire race weekend in just 60 minutes of free practice. in which it occurred United State Last week was a copy of the previous week, No emotion except boredom. there Decreased ticket sales On Saturday, the suspect confirmed: Lack of interest from audiences. And so the FIA ​​and Formula 1 finally understood that things were not right and that they had to change for the benefit of the sport and also for the benefit of their own coffers, which were beginning to suffer.

toCurrently, no official proposals have been put forward yet, but in the Formula 1 paddock we are starting to talk about possible solutions. second MotorsportIn fact, some had already started Informal consultations with the team to resolve the Sprint issue.. The first point to review would definitely be Park-Fermet ruleAs the teams can no longer work on the car after the end of traditional qualifying on Friday until the end of the race on Sunday. No changes can be made either in terms of settings, the same for penalty shootouts, traditional, sprints, race qualifying, or relays without being subject to penalties. The prime example was United States Grand Prix where four cars were forced to start from the pit lane (Aston Martin is dealing with new problems with the floor and brakes, and Haas is dealing with a large package of updates that changed the aerodynamics), in addition to Two drivers were excluded (Hamilton and Leclerc) due to excessive wear of the wooden board, which, as both teams themselves declared, has not been touched at all since Friday and it is therefore impossible to treat or simply notice the problem.

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TAmong the proposals circulating in the ring there is a possibility Introducing a new classification, the Independent Sprint Championship, which will not affect Sunday, as only the points earned in the mini-races on Saturday will be included. This will make it impossible to repeat what happened this year in Qatar, where Verstappen won the world title not in the official race on Sunday but in the Sprint. Another suggestion is to provide one The sponsor will pay a prize of approximately $1 million to the winner of the mini-racethus giving more inputs to passengers to pay as much as possible.

toThe proposal that currently seems most feasible takes inspiration from preparatory categories and subordinate forms. would predict a With a completely reversed starting grid or only for the top ten, which increases the activity on the track and therefore the spectacle that Formula 1 is so eager for.. Positions can be determined according to two different criteria. Based onReverse standings of the tournament Or with a New qualification formula Which still drives drivers to do everything in their power to reach first place and thus the best flying time.

CLike every innovation introduced in Formula 1, there are different schools of thought on the subject. There are those who are more in favor of radical change, minor modifications that do not undermine the original spirit of the category or those who would even like to abolish it. Red Bull Team President, Christian Hornerconfirmed by I don’t agree with the current modelt: “You need to add a little bit of risk. Well, give a reverse grid with a top ten or something like that, but They also have to put up enough points, otherwise it’s not worth the drivers actually trying“.

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sThe more conservative Toto WolfMercedes team principal:I would rather not participate in sprints at all than make certain changes. Especially with reverse grid racing we are moving towards smaller formats. Now sports follows entertainment, when it should be quite the opposite. Entertainment should follow sports. I prefer, in my opinion, that Don’t make the activity on the track artificial. All teams with Stefano Domenicali [CEO della F1] They just have to think about what’s best.”