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Forgot your phone PIN?  Technicians trick to open it immediately

Forgot your phone PIN? Technicians trick to open it immediately

In some cases, the user may forget the phone PIN. How to restore it and unlock the phone?

Pin code –

We all own at least one smart phones, as well as any other electronic devices, such as a tablet computer. On these devices, we enter a very large amount of personal information. Protecting all of this data is very important. So it will be necessary to defend your privacy and all confidential information.

For this there is a special password, namely PIN code. Entering this code will allow the user to use their SIM card. Therefore, no malicious person will be able to access your information, because the exact numbers of the PIN will be known only to the owner of the smartphone.

The advice we can give to everyone is as follows Never remove the SIM unlock PIN. In fact, it is a security measure that can actually save all your personal information and avoid any problem in this regard.

There are messages, phone numbers, credit card passwords and many other valuable information and many sensitive data inside our smartphone. PIN protection will prevent anyone from getting it and getting you into serious trouble.

However, in this article, we want to inform our readers about The correct way to act if you have forgotten the exact numbers of your PIN. Here’s everything you need to know to never panic and to be able to unlock your SIM card in just a few simple steps.

Forgot your phone PIN? Don’t worry, solve it this way

The PIN code is included in the box containing your SIM card after purchase. It can also be customized, but it should always be 4 digits only.

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After purchasing a SIM card, you will have to scratch off the plastic card and find out the PIN code. After that, you can change these numbers and better customize access to your smartphone, so that only you can unlock it.

Phone PIN –

A very important issue to consider is the fact of it The PIN can never be wrong more than 3 times in a row. Therefore, if you made a mistake after typing it the first time, we recommend that you write the number carefully to avoid blocking the SIM card after the third mistake.

Other times, it may not be a simple mistake, but a genuine oversight. In fact, it could happen Forgot the PIN to access the phone. A moment of stress or panic, for example, can lead us into this unpleasant situation.

In this case, the advice we can give is to stop for a moment, breathe and make sure you can remember the password later. However, if you have already forgotten the PIN and the phone locks itself after 3 incorrect entries, then you will not be able to do anything but act differently.

How should you proceed? Here’s everything you need to know Get back to using your phone at its best if you’ve forgotten your PIN.

The solution to unlock the SIM card

In the package containing the SIM card at the time of purchase, in addition to the PIN code, there will also be another specific one. point to PUK code. It will be 8 digits long and will only work on Open the phonein case you forgot your login password.

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Forgot your PIN –

However, in our hectic life, it may happen that we did not find the box containing our SIM card after the purchase. In this case, you will not be able to easily obtain a PUK. However, there is a way to access this code.

You will have to Contact your telephone operator. The operators will make sure that the person on the phone is indeed the owner of the SIM card, by way of a few security questions. if you succeed, It will issue a PUK code with which you can unlock the SIM Then enter and confirm the new PIN.

However, not all managers allow you to send a new PUK code to your customer for privacy and security reasons.

In this case, you will have to Go to the point of sale of your telephone operator and order a new SIM cardEquipped with a PIN and PUK code. You will be able to request to keep your old phone number, so that you will not have any problems in this regard.