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There is always Puerto Rico.  Italy for the residences of the nobles Carica Boz after 25 years

There is always Puerto Rico. Italy for the residences of the nobles Carica Boz after 25 years

Historical Courses and Appeals. Italy has not won a World Cup quarter-final in a quarter of a century. And even twenty-five years ago, in Greece, to secure a place in the top eight, they had to beat Puerto Rico. And Italy, who are terrorizing Serbia – and systematically beating them in matches starting in 2021 – must go one step further.

Today, at 10 years old, you have to beat Puerto Rico to secure your ticket to the quarter-finals. And then, in order to understand, in case of success of course, whether the Azzurri will finish first or second in the group, we will have to wait for the next match between Serbia and the Dominican Republic. If the Serbs smile, the Azzurri will take first place, if not, they will finish second.

An important match for a thousand reasons and especially for captain Gigi Datome who has reached the quota of 200 caps for the national team and, in doing so, enters the list of the best 11 players which includes, among others, Marzurate (277), Mengin (Father Dino, 271), Brunamonte (271). , Galanda (215), Basile (210), Bariveira (209), Magnifico (208), Villalta (207), Riva (207) and Vecchiato (201).

It is curious that in 1998 – as the Azzurri’s run came to a halt against the United States, who could be their next opponent in the quarter-finals – there was Gianmarco Bouzico in the national team, and he is now the coach.

“It’s going to be complicated,” commented Bose, “because nowadays it’s complicated to play against everyone. There are no more affordable teams and every opponent is capable, one way or another, of putting you in difficulty. That’s why we’re proud of the progress that has brought us here. Which is why we are most proud of the journey that has brought us here. We want to continue dreaming. As for Detomi, it will be a well-deserved and historic achievement. I am happy and honored to be a part of his professional journey.”

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“You can never relax. The World Cup is like that”, said goalkeeper Marco Spiso.

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