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Tourism The first report for the year 2022 was submitted to the city


Numerous international cooperation projects for the development of the territory, promotion of information points, birth of the Consulta del Turismo, new brand “Terre di Fasano”, Labor Day “Tourism is Business”, program of major summer events in the most beautiful places of the region, 13th Blue Flag, Green Flag Seventh, launching the establishment of an institutional electronic portal for a tourist destination.

It is the first Fasano tourism report summarizing a year of work and growth for the area. A region that occupies today, for the first time in history, the fourth place in terms of attendance and the fifth for arrivals, as revealed a few days ago by the figures issued by the Tourism Observatory in Puglia Promozione.

“We felt the need to make a general and participatory assessment of what happened in recent months, the goals achieved and the issues not yet resolved, the processes of change that have begun but also the priorities for the future – says Pierre Tourism Consultant Francesco Palmaregi. We are used to sharing everything, as it is It is always the case in a practical and honest way: Fasano’s tourism numbers have never been so positive but mathematics is not everything: we need quality, contents, services, efficient infrastructure, effective means of communication and strategies to put places and people into circulation in this vast and wonderful area.We are satisfied with the results This is the first year of work, and we have made it clear one by one, but there is one aspect that makes me particularly proud, and it is related to the strong relationship that has been established with tourism operators and companies. Together, side by side, we will continue to work for an increasingly organized and attractive Fasano.

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Based on an analysis of data presented today at City Hall, the average stay in Fasano is 4.1 days (higher than the regional average of 3.8). The city has 7,395 beds, and has 205 facilities, of which 185 are non-hotel rooms (80% of the total). The attendance figure increased to +6.6% compared to 2019 and 45% was recorded between June and August, with a gradual growth in attendance in the fall term, roughly equal to the figures for the spring term.

“The exponential growth in the number of arrivals and the presence in the territory of the city of Fasano now testifies to the centrality of the city in the regional panorama. The last few years also signify the lengthening of the summer season, with excellent performances in October and November, as a crucial step towards the seasonal adjustment that the region aspires to. The widespread natural and cultural heritage is the great certainty of continued improvement, making it a tourist product thanks to the virtuous relationship between the public and private sectors that has developed in Fasano in recent times.

63% of arrivals and 61% of presences are foreigners (mainly Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Poland, Spain and Austria, with emerging markets in Australia, Canada and Brazil), while Italian travelers arrive mainly from Puglia, Campania, Lazio, Lombardy.

“There are many actors involved in the tourism activities of a territory – in addition to businesses there are citizens, associations and institutions,” says Leonardo Zizzi, sports marketing and management consultant and coordinator of the Consulta del Turismo. Participation, dialogue and continuous comparison between the various stakeholders is the basis for enabling the public administration to determine the most effective goals, strategies and procedures for tourism growth in the region through participation. Participation in Fasano is now a standardized method.”

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