Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Fly in the 100th breaststroke with the best seasonal experience in the world – OA Sport


Is it a shark? Is it a torpedo? No, I am Adam Betty. The multi-world champion and Olympic gold medalist hits a chest punch again and does so in London, home of the Tokyo Olympics qualifying trials.

During the first day of competition, Betty proved that he did not lose his speed in two laps of the more complex pool pattern. World record holder 56 88, Today’s Briton had 57 70 times in the qualifiers and 57 39 in the final 100 breaststroke, With a simply destroyed corridor at 50 meters 26 of 69.

Suffice it to say that the Italian record was set Niccol Martinini In this major he is 58 37 (the second fastest time in the world this year), with a national limit of 50 hits released from 26 39, and thus not far from indicating a half-race pass for my struggling home. At the end of the exhibition, then, Adam El Tayeb is a candidate for a leadership role in Japan, bearing in mind that what he achieved in London waters had led him to the top of the seasonal world rankings, ahead of Martinini and the Dutch. Arno Caminga (58 69).

So, the feeling is that the rhetoric behind the UK frog ace is kinda open and blue is also part of this group of athletes. In Budapest, home of the upcoming European Championships (May 17-23), there will be a good match and will be used as rehearsals before the Games.

Photo: La Presse


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