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“Atalanta – Juventus on an equal footing. If Pirlo wins the Coppa Italia … ”

Cabrini: “Atalanta – Juventus on an equal footing. If Pirlo wins the Coppa Italia … ». The comments of the former Juventus player

Antonio Caprini We talked about Juventus a Tuttosport.

Atalanta Yoff – «Atalanta has been a coherent reality for several years, first in the national sphere, then in the international sphere as well. He achieves excellent results by playing great football. For me, they will play equally against Juventus because the Nerazzurri are in good shape and score a lot, while the Bianconeri have rediscovered their identity.».

Juventus – «Pirlo has a team that has never performed like other years, but I think it has no particular bugs or responsibilities. I think above all the club expected more from some players that he could not fully rely on. The growth of young people, and the performance of new purchases in general has not met expectations. I think of them when I say that society may expect something more. Even if this odd and bizarre tournament certainly didn’t help».

Pirlo – «Now he’s out of the Champions League and Inter are away, but after the Super Cup they’ll also win the Coppa Italia, closing the tournament in the top four … lying away. Ratings should be made at the end of the season».

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