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Florence, David sets fire to covered black cloth: Arrested

Florence, David sets fire to covered black cloth: Arrested

As the municipality explained in a note, everything happened at 8pm, with Vaclav Pisvejc climbing over the fences on the steps of Palazzo Vecchio’s Arencario and holding the fire in the black cloth that David had covered. Immediate intervention of a security guard on duty at Loggia dei Lanzi and a municipal agent who stopped him. The flames have been extinguished Through other agents along with fire extinguishers provided in service cars, firefighters also arrived at the scene.

The City Fine Arts Service will be alerted and will check for any damage. Vaklav Biswaj was there three days ago Reported For drawing in the colors of the Ukrainian flag Widespread lion of Francesco Vesoli It is also located in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence. On March 7 he had another complaint via Della Vigna Nova A road sign has been changed The central area where he wrote “Putin” can not enter with another.

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