Sunday, July 21, 2024

Flight from US to Rome descends over 8,000 meters in 10 minutes: Panic on board


A United flight to Fiumicino says “more…

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A Airplane Unity Fiumicino Returned to Newark Airport (New York) due to cabin pressurization problem after descent from altitude «Over eight thousand meters in ten minutes». Flight 510 took off at 8.37 pm on Wednesday with 270 passengers and 14 crew members on board. A spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration said the Boeing 777 returned to Newark shortly after midnight. The passengers then took another flight to Fiumicino. The jet was at 11 thousand meters, so when the pilots almost reached the cruising altitude, the pilots decided to descend due to a problem with the pressurization system, at that altitude, the passengers and attendants could not breathe. With the help of auxiliary masks. However, below 4 thousand meters, you can breathe even without using systems that mix oxygen and atmospheric air.

The plane loses altitude, what happened

After an unusual loss of altitude for the passengers, the aircraft made two rounds at a constant altitude of about 3,000 meters over Nova Scotia, Canada. It was around 10.30 pm. Later, he returned to the airport of departure, where he landed without any problems.

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The airline said «Potential pressure loss in the cabin» And that, in any case, «The plane landed safely».

Pilot dies at 12,000 meters above sea level: Latham flight from Miami to Santiago with 300 passengers diverted to Panama overnight

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the agency responsible for regulating aviation in the United States, confirmed that the plane had a “pressurization problem” that forced it to divert. United Airlines said the passengers were transferred to Italy on another flight.

It’s not the first time US airlines have had problems: a controversy has erupted in the US in recent weeks as US airlines accuse the FAA of understaffing. This caused hundreds of flight delays and cancellations throughout the summer.

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