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Simona Baldasar - Libero Codidiano - The new head of the family department of the league

Simona Baldasar – Libero Codidiano – The new head of the family department of the league

Gives Matteo Salvini A clear signal is coming DDL John, In the hot times of negotiations B.D.. MEP to be new leader Simona Balthazar has been appointed Family Department Of League. “I thank the Secretary for the valuable post he has given me and I will try to convey his confidence to the work with the usual enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Thank you Lorenzo Fontana Who left the department after a long and important job “, Baldasar’s first words.

“A family affected by the epidemic and the economic crisis is needed now more than ever Social security And non-episodic, structural, visionary activities. If you do not invest in the family, Italy will not restart. But family is so much more: it is the heart and mastic of our history and our identity as a people. It is no coincidence that the League has it at the center of its political agenda. Today Salvini met with the leaders Movement for life. Demonstration of a daily commitment that will never stop “, underscores the MEP that already has a clear plan in mind.

“It simply came to our notice thenAsking strategy‘: I will monitor the requests, needs and ideas of the associations Pro-life movements, Church organizations, civil society, education and work; I will arrange permanent themed tables with various regional departments and family departments to come soonAssembly of the family, Our answer denatalità“A path that inevitably intersects with a parliament of the bill against homotransphobia could put Secretary Dem Enrico Letta in serious trouble, with minorities increasingly in his party and wall-to-wall strategy with the League.

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