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The late summer rush is coming. Illegal workers and bad music. Fines on restaurants and chiringuitos


Rimini, 15 September 2023 – Beach bars, chiringuitos, but scattered restaurants and clubs Between the coast and the hinterland of Rimini, changed Small open air discos with DJ sets and unauthorized live music. A total of three businesses were fined by the provincial command of the Guardia de Finance Rimini, which has conducted a series of raids in recent days alongside CIA inspectors. Among the checked premises, there is also a restaurant in Villa Verrucchio, which, although it organized a party with deejays, did not comply with the Sia license to reproduce pieces of music protected by copyright law. But the story didn’t end there, as financiers discovered that eight employees were working in the same location, including waiters and cooks, three of whom were ‘off the books’.

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The investigations conducted by Fiamme Gialle are part of the raids carried out over the past few days by the Army Siae Inspectors of the Provincial Command of Rimini. Various businesses, including bars and restaurants scattered between Rimini’s interior and the coast, are under scrutiny, including the sringades and bars on Rimini’s beach, which, thanks to the favorable weather conditions of the last remnants of the season, continue to attract large crowds. . Places that turn out to be real open-air discos in some cases, even if they don’t have the necessary authorizations.

In the case of the Verucchio restaurant, the manager – in addition to the fine related to his failure to request a Siae license – will face the maximum fine for hiring non-compliant workers. A fine that can reach a maximum of 32 thousand and 400 euros. A report was also filed against him with the Regional Labor Inspectorate of Rimini.

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Financier’s tests in Rimini, two chiringuitos on the coast, and a bar in Coriano. Two venues reported by Siae inspectors to be used to host concerts, but without a license, continued to verify the regular installation of cash registers by financiers. “The interventions carried out – we read in a note from the Provincial Command of the Financial Police of Rimini – aimed at carrying out a unitary control, respecting the various privileges and functions of the various bodies, improving coordination and integration between the various entities, acceleration and failure to pay copyright, tax evasion and violations of the regulatory law on entertainment by making regulations more effective in combating


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