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Fish that we should not miss from our diet

Fish that we should not miss from our diet

A correct diet includes a wide range of foods, but there is one type of fish that we should never miss. Let’s find out together which fish we are talking about that you would never imagine.

The correct diet: fish that should not be missing

Let’s start by saying that Fish It is essential for a correct diet, as it is rich in beneficial properties but also fat-free and easier to digest than, for example, meat. In particular, our tables should never lack blue fish that comes directly from our marine waters Rich in nutrients.

Among the most famous and widely used fish, we certainly find herring, anchovies and anchovies. But today we will talk about a fish that is much larger but hides a lot of positive aspects. We’re talking about “Sirola Dumerelli”known as Amberjack. A fish that we usually find in a fish store Average weight 2 kg, But in reality it can become inherently heavy 100 kg.


Amberjack presents itself Silver colorwith pointed shape, Narrow and long. for him Meat It is in particular SodaJust like swordfish, which makes it perfect for preparing it medal, But also very versatile Cooked recipes. It is very difficult to find these farmed fish that usually live in the wild, in the open sea at great depths. for him fishing It actually happens through Large networks Fishing, but this, like many other species, puts its survival at risk. That’s why we try to make amberjack fishing part of sustainable fishing, to preserve its survival.

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Amberjack: benefits and properties

Just like all fish in its category, amberjack is also rich in them Proteinsbut also from Omega 6, Omega 3 and vitamins of groups A, B, D. These qualities make it a real treat for bones and muscles, and moreover, its good fats are essential for proper nutrition and brain health. There is also no deficiency in minerals such as Potassium and phosphorus Which is essential against free radicals and thus prevents cell aging. Another very important factor is“High digestibility.” of this meat, which makes it especially recommended for those who suffer from digestive problems or intestinal problems. Also ideal for those on a low-calorie diet, in fact amberjack contains less than 150 calories per 100 grams. But given its great benefits, how can we use it in the kitchen?

Amberjack in the kitchen

there Amberjack meat It can be used for practically any recipe. Once killed, its meat is excellent Rice or carpaccio. It can be seasoned simply with oil and lemon or for a more gourmet taste you can combine it with one Citrus based marinade, But it is particularly suitable grapefruit. In his version of carpaccio, it is best combined with subtle flavours, such as fruit Green apple Or like vegetables Fennel, cucumber and carrots They perform particularly well.

Cleaning fresh fish

However, if we want to cook it, there are many techniques and combinations. Once cleaned, it can be used as Pasta seasoning Along with the sauce prepared with Fresh cherry tomatoes. Or it can be cooked bread or In the fried, Salted or with citrus, baked in foil or fried, in short, whatever cooking technique you choose, amberjack will always be excellent in taste. All that remains is to go to a trusted fishmonger and buy this delicious fish to appreciate its quality.

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