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Here's what it is and the symptoms

Here's what it is and the symptoms

Long influenza also affects and above all young people

Not only does long coronavirus refer to persistent symptoms of infection from the Sars-CoV-2 virus, there is another term as well: long flu. This last concept represents a Long seasonal influenza.

Let's find out together more specifically what the “long flu” is and what its symptoms are symptoms Which stands out the most.

This was reported by the news agency AdenchronosSymptoms are almost similar to the symptoms of Covid, which are: constant fatigue, persistent sore throat, and an annoying cough. but this is not all. Young people also target, above all, the “consequences” of infection that cause discomfort. The virologist assesses the situation Fabrizio Brigliasco This was highlighted by a new study published in “Clinical medicine“, How Sars-CoV-2 infection and non-Covid infections are almost identical.

Long Covid remains a poorly defined syndrome – Brigliasco notes – Even regarding the diagnostic definition, there are different opinions, beyond the concept that it is something continuous. What happens to people who suffer from it is very diverse: respiratory problems but also neurological problems, mental fog, and fatigue. To conduct studies on this condition, scientists took samples from a fair number of people to find out the difference between those who tested positive for Covid and those who did not. This is how attention was also drawn to the long flu. In doing so, in effect, the experts highlighted something that was known, and perhaps better quantified, and confirmed that even respiratory forms of influenza can have an after-effect after the acute phase of respiratory symptoms.“.

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always Brigliasco He wanted to explain the long flu, saying:After influenza, there may be a recovery phase, which are symptoms that last beyond 4-5 days, and are related to the patient's condition. between the symptoms That does not end, for example, a sore throat remains, which is a sign of “wound” in the broad sense. The infection is no longer present, but the inflammation remains in the throat. Viral dry cough is also a nuisance“.

Let's take that into consideration too Influenza is not a trivial disease It does not disappear within a few days – Brigliasco concludes – Which can be dangerous for the weak, but even a young person must maintain a period of common sense and low performance. The long flu is actually episodic: Even young people should be careful of the consequences and take good care of themselves With responsible self-treatment. The approach is, for example, to use anti-inflammatories, but not to eliminate the symptoms, because that is in the interest of the virus“.