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FINALLY, NEVER PAY IT AGAIN: Goodbye to the much-hated RAI license fee | Italians are now free of this hated tax


RAI fees –

The Rai license fee is a topic that has often raised debates and debates in the past years because it is a payment obligation that every citizen residing in Italy must face in order to finance the public radio and television service provided by the state company.

Fortunately, there are circumstances in which the payment of fees can be suspended, possibilities that can only be exploited by a small portion of the population, here’s what they are and how to stop paying.

To fully understand Rai’s license fee history, it’s necessary to step back in time. Fee submitted For the first time in 1938When the Italian broadcasting service was still in its infancy, first came the license fee Used to fund public broadcasting onlybut was later extended to television as well.

The obligation to pay rai license fees was justified by the need to finance the public service of radio and television, namely It is considered to be in the general interest of all Italian citizens. Thanks to the fee, RAI is able to Producing high quality programmes, supporting independent news and providing cultural contentEducation and entertainment for all residents.

However, over the years, rai license fees have been the subject of much controversy raised by some citizens It raised doubts about the legality of the payment obligation, especially in cases where you do not have a TV. In response to these concerns, a mechanism has been introduced that allows you to suspend payment of fees by submitting a self-attestation.

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How to stop paying RAI license fees

According to Italian law, if a citizen does not own a television set or does not have access to radio and television channels, He can submit a self-attestation to RAI for suspension of fee payment, But it is necessary for this statement to be true. It is a criminal offense to provide a false identity certificate and may result in prosecution.

Rai fees
How to stop paying license fees – (Source: freepik)

It is also important to note that Even when there is no television, charges can be requested if the citizen uses devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers To access RAI content online in real time or in broadcast mode. Therefore, you are advised to read the legal provisions carefully to fully understand the payment obligation based on your personal situation.

To submit the self-certification, you can access the website ofrevenue agency Or you can submit the form by certified email to the address [email protected]. In this case, the replacement permit must be digitally signed


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