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Final Fantasy 16: A new patch arrives next week, here’s what will change

Final Fantasy 16: A new patch arrives next week, here’s what will change

Square Enix has revealed that it will release a game New patch to Final Fantasy 16which according to the first details will bring with it changes to Arcade mode and online leaderboards.

This announcement came via a post from the X| account The game’s official Twitter account, where we learned that the update will be published at 06:00 Italian time Friday, December 8, 2023.

Specifically update It will change how results are calculated In arcade mode. Furthermore, a new leaderboard will be added where all new results will be recorded, in order to distinguish between the best times made before and after the patch changes.

At the moment, it’s unclear if there will be any other changes beyond those already mentioned, with full notes to be shared once the update is available for download.

New details on the DLC, which may be coming soon

Meanwhile, players are waiting for the two DLCs that will expand the story of Final Fantasy 16. Just a few hours ago, director Hiroshi Sasaki revealed that they will focus on protagonist Clive Rosfield and investigate some of his most mysterious and dark deeds. Faces.

To find out more, we probably won’t have to wait long, since Yuuya Uchida, the voice actor for Clive in the Japanese version of the game, has suggested it will arrive in December. Advertisement from Square Enix It is related to Final Fantasy 16. It could therefore be linked to the DLC mentioned above and/or to the already confirmed PC version, as we will see.

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