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Salmonella Warning in the United States: Dangers to Humans

Salmonella Warning in the United States: Dangers to Humans

There is Salmonella warning In the United States. There seem to be real dangers to humans.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was the one that spread the alarm. In fact, the U.S. Public Health Control Agency has warned backyard poultry owners to pay attention Chance of Salmonella shrinkage.

The warning is clear and requires not to come into direct contact with the chickens or to eat or drink in their immediate vicinity.

‘S news release Center for Disease Control and Prevention Confirmation that 163 people from 43 different states were sick were released immediately upon discovery: the newspaper Yusa Today Online.

Although there were no deaths, the alarm went off anyway. What dangers What drives a human to become infected with Salmonella?

What is Salmonella and when is it dangerous?

Salmonella A bacterial agent And usually spreads through food. Salmonellosis (Salmonella infection) is actually a type of food poisoning infection.

We are talking Food poisoning When humans ingest food contaminated with a pathogen (in this case, precisely, Salmonella). In particular, we are talking about toxic infection (or food poisoning) when human disease is directly caused by the presence of numerous harmful microorganisms in the food consumed.

Salmonella is one of the most common pathogens harmful to humans, obtained through close contact with food or poultry. It is a bacterium that does not tolerate high temperatures and acidic pH (below 5.5) and belongs to the family Enteropathology. That is, a microbe that finds its preferred habitat in the gut of mammals, including humans.

Is Two types of Salmonella: Typhoid forms and non-typhoid forms.

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Salmonella divisions belong to the first case Dangerous to humans (But this is still rare in Italy); The second case is the most common, but is usually only at the gastrointestinal level, thus posing a lower risk to humans.

Anyway, salmonellosis It can be summarized in several ways And not just from near the chicken.

Dangers to humans: Salmonella can be found in foods

Can be salmonellosis Caused by different foods. First, there are raw eggs based on raw eggs (or uncooked on the bottom) or different types of creams and flavoring sauces.

Not only being close to raw chickens and eggs. Salmonella can be found in raw or uncooked chicken, crustaceans and mollusks, or in unadulterated products such as fresh milk or skim milk.

Even Some types of fruits and vegetables They are dangerous to humans and may contain Salmonella. These include unadulterated watermelons, tomatoes, seed sprouts, lettuce, cantaloupe, cider and orange juice.

Unfortunately the danger to man cannot be foreseen. Salmonella, in fact, does not change the appearance, taste or aroma of food (Organoleptic properties).

Salmonellosis: Risks in humans

Salmonellosis usually resolves on its own within 4 to 7 days. Dangers Salmonellosis in humans is not usually a concern. Infants or people with immunodeficiency may report formal forms to be admitted to the hospital.

Therefore, it is not a dangerous disease for humans. Symptoms may appear 12 to 72 hours after ingestion of contaminated food, and in some cases it is highly contagious to humans.

The Salmonellosis In fact, it is treated with fluid intake and rest, lactic acid and the administration of probiotics. Antibiotic therapy is reserved for immunocompromised individuals, very young children or the elderly.

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Can Salmonella come to Italy from the United States?

To date There is no evidence Spread of Salmonella outside the United States. The fact that the cases are widespread in many US states may indicate a common epidemic.

However, the Salmonella infection warning has also been assigned to the United States It doesn’t care about Italy By no means, now, Europe.