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Exclusives, PlayStation "good" and Xbox "bad"?  The Insider Is Not There -

Exclusives, PlayStation “good” and Xbox “bad”? The Insider Is Not There –

question for exclusive It’s back to being a central topic, and again on social media the trend seems to be setting X-Box Bad situation, while apparently there is not the same perception towards Play Station.

Controversy erupted naturally after Microsoft announced its acquisition of Activision Blizzard and increasingly pressing rumors circulated about the possibility that brands such as Call of duty Become an Xbox exclusive.

Well, insider and YouTuber Destin said he was tired of this novel and wanted to get things right, revealing the facts. “Sony makes Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Spider-Man, and Wolverine PlayStation exclusives, while Xbox makes The Elder Scrolls, Starfield, and possibly some Activision games on Xbox exclusives.”

At the end of the Xbox Show, a look at bad Mode, Sony like Hassan. (…) I don’t blame either company, but to suggest that one is good and one is bad when they both do what they do is absurd.”

In fact, Sony’s policy on exclusives has been implemented for several years already, see for example the huge success of Spider-Man, and it does not seem that from time to time significant opposition voices have been raised.

As Destin rightly pointed out, the two companies are pursuing their own interests and it is perfectly legitimate that after such a costly and required acquisition, Microsoft decides to make the most of the acquired intellectual property.

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