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"Last year unspeakable emotions, I will never forget this atmosphere"

“Last year unspeakable emotions, I will never forget this atmosphere”

“Last year are unspeakable emotions, I will never forget this atmosphere,” Brittini told the Daily Mail.

Matteo Berrettini – Picture of Ray Giobello

After two wins in Queens and a final at Wimbledon Matteo Berrettini Not only does he continue to make all Italian fans dream, but he also has a well-deserved reputation as he crosses the English Channel to reach the UK. And the Daily Mail did not miss the opportunity to dedicate a good report for first place in Italy, complete with an interview in which Blue traces the sentiments of particularly twelve months ago. I felt sorry after the final but I realized I can’t be so hard on myself, Novak is one of the strongest players in historyFor me, it was the first final of a slam and it was a crazy four weeks. I remember that after beating Andy Murray in the second round of the Queen’s Championship, they explained to me that on July 11, the national football team and I found ourselves playing a final a few kilometers away. We Italians are a bit superstitious, but exactly this scenario happened.”

“It was a great day for everyone in Italy, and I will never forget the atmosphere and the emotions I felt in those moments”continues Bertini, who, a few hours after the defeat in four sets by Novak Djokovic, scrambled to Wembley to witness the Azzurri’s victory against the hosts in the European Football Championship final: “I watched the match near the President of the Republic, and then I was asked to join the players on the field, who told me how they had spent the afternoon watching my match. Chiellini said he should have rested but could not. The next day also, with the celebrations in Rome, was It’s cool. I’ve never seen such a large number of people.”

And to imagine that only a few years ago Mathieu would never have imagined being able to reach this level in the green fields: “I never thought I could be good on grass. I played there in the first year in 2018 and the feeling wasn’t the best. Then I prepared for winter in 2019 in some very fast fields and since then I have always felt very good on the grass. I remember we went to play the Davis Cup on grass in India and after the first training session I knew it was something else entirely.”

Almost a year later, after an operation on the dominant hand, but with confidence restored between Stuttgart and the Queen, Mathieu returned to Wimbledon to attempt an even greater achievement, but without allocating the essential points to her order: “It doesn’t matter how well I play this year, My ranking will go down regardless and I don’t think it’s fair, although I understand the complexity of the situation with what’s happening in Ukraine. I simply wished he had come to a mutually agreed decision, but no one asked us for anything. And I don’t think it should work that way on the track. But in the end, let’s talk about Wimbledon, I don’t think there will be any differences during the tournament. Everyone will try their best and it will be a great two weeks for tennis.”

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