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Even the sun has an owner: the ridiculous story that spread around the world

Even the sun has an owner: the ridiculous story that spread around the world

The Sun has an owner: It may seem strange to you, but it is all true. Details of this strange story

The universe is full of hundreds of billions of stars, one of which is the Sun, which, thanks to its strong gravity, is able to embrace 8 planets, including Earth. Although the diameter of the Sun is approximately 1.4 million kilometers, it is classified as a medium-sized star. In fact, the largest star in the universe, among known stars, is called VY Canis Majoris and has a diameter of about 2 billion kilometers.

Furthermore, the Sun is a body composed mostly of hydrogen (74%) and helium (24-25%). The most amazing thing about this wonderful star, It is the time it takes for light to reach Earth: About 8 minutes. Therefore, the sun appears to the human eye as it was 8 minutes ago.

The owner of the sun: This is it

No one would have ever imagined that a star like the Sun, with a surface temperature of 5,500 degrees Celsius and a core temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius, could have an owner. however, There is a woman who is completely convinced that the sun is among her possessions. Not only that: he showed the documents signed by the notary. To be precise, as confirmed by the popular website, it is a 49-year-old woman residing in Spain, named Angelis Duran.

The sun has an owner –

The latter claimed to have done something that anyone would have done, since the Space Treaty prohibits governments from seizing celestial bodies and the universe in general. but, The treaty does not mention individuals, but rather the governments of the landTherefore, a simple person can benefit from this gap in international aviation laws. Therefore, the application made by Ángeles Duran would become legitimate, so in theory, being the owner, she could even ask for a percentage of the profit from the space agencies examining her property.

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For this reason, he has already drawn up an action plan, with the aim of making all those who exploit the sun pay a tax: Solar energy producers, astronomical observatories, space agencies, etc. However, the Spanish woman also considered donating part of her hypothetical future earnings to charity. In particular, 20% for his country’s pension fund, 10% for scientific research, and another 10% to combat world hunger. In fact, he declared during an interview that the owner should also think about the less fortunate, so it is important to donate a portion of the profits to charity.