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Stop in Forli for NASA Deputy Administrator Jordan Evans

Stop in Forli for NASA Deputy Administrator Jordan Evans

He managed to send the Curiosity probe to Mars when the probability of success was only 39%. Jordan Evans, a flight engineer and NASA deputy administrator, was pulled out Thursday afternoon by Forli Mayor, Gian Luca Zatini. The presence of the illustrious guest in the mercurial city, accompanied by the cultural advisor Valerio Melandri, is connected with his participation in Italy in a series of scientific meetings, one of which is reserved for students of the Aerospace Engineering degree course. Forli Technology Center. During the meeting, the mayor expressed his “gratitude to Evans for choosing Forlì university site to compare his highly reliable wealth of experience and knowledge with students, teachers, and technicians.”

At the end of the exchange of words, Melandri gave Evans the catalog of the Magdalene exhibition in progress at the Museums of San Domenico. Evans was a guest at the fundraiser held in Riccione, citing Roosevelt during his speech, a true life lesson for those present: “It is far better to dare extraordinary things, and to win glorious victories even if mottled with failure, than to be sided among those Poor in spirit who suffer neither great joys nor great pains, because they live in the gray and inconspicuous twilight that knows neither victories nor defeats. ”

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